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  • Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with MHR134-aspectek-yard-sentinel-strobe-backHR134-aspectek-yard-sentinel-strobe-back2HR134-aspectek-yard-sentinel-strobe-f4ac_13HR134-aspectek-yard-sentinel-strobe-fa40_12Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with M

Aspectek Yard Sentinel STROBE – Nighttime Repeller


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SKU : HR134
  1. Free Shipping within USA
  2. Try RISK-FREE for 30 Days
  3. From Aspectek, an industry pioneer & authority for pest control
  4. Adjustable ultrasonic targets troublesome pests
  5. Sensor-activated flashing strobe for deterring nighttime pests
  6. Powerful infrared motion sensor accurately detects pests
  7. Optional predator alarm
  8. Sturdy, weather-resistant design
  9. AC power or battery operated
  10. AC adaptor and 33 foot extension cord included
  11. How to remove and replace back cover

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Fruit Bats / Flying Foxes

Q: Hi There, I like you device, & I am interested to know if you have something for to Stop Fruit bats , or called Flying Foxes in Australia. They come 2am in the morning & eat from the Huge Gum trees here & then they throw the big Seeds onto the metal or Plastic roofs, & sounds like stones hitting all Night long. We cannot sleep properly, do you have something that Pulses some sound that will switch on at night to stop them from coming?

A: The Yard Sentinel STROBE by Aspectek is an ultrasonic device for repelling nighttime pests like fruit bats. The Yard Sentinel STROBE can be set to operate either day or night, or set to operate 24 hours with the sundown sensor turning on the strobe at night. On the device, there is a frequency dial with several types of pests listed and the ranges that are ideal for repelling them. You would turn the frequency dial to the BATS option and, should choose to operate your device in the night, select the option to activate the strobe light to get rid of fruit bats and repel flying foxes.


Strobe Light

Q: Hi , Is this strobe an infrared Light meaning only the Bats see the flashing or do humans see it as well, If humans see it as well then it will light up other peoples bedrooms at night which won’t be good.. Can you let me know?

A: The strobe light is not an infrared light, but you can place the device in a direction that would not have the strobe light up other people’s bedrooms. You may also set the device to the Motion Sensor mode, so when an animal or human enters the 45-foot range of the Yard Sentinel STROBE, a red light will go on and the device will activate the ultrasonic and sonic sounds.


Strobe light on / off

Q: Hello, can you find out whether the Sentinel Strobe model has the features of: 1 A strobe light on/off switch 2 A day/night selector switch. When I ordered some of the basic Yard Sentinel model last year they came with a day/night selector switch even though it is not marked on the features table and I am hoping that this feature is on the Strobe Model as well.

A: The strobe light on the Yard Sentinel device activates automatically at night or in dark areas and deactivates automatically during the day and in light areas, so the device does not have a strobe light on/off switch. However, the device has operating time switch that you can choose whether to operate your device only in the daytime, nighttime or 24 hours. The strobe light on the Yard Sentinel flashes repeatedly in quick succession each time it is activated, and will come on automatically in the night or dark locations.


Motion Sensor

Q: Is the strobe light trigger by motion sensor on the Yard Sentinel?

A: If the device is set on “Motion Sensor” mode, the strobe light will be activated by motion sensor. The motion sensor mode on your device will activate the ultrasonic, sonic and strobe light functions when the device senses an animal is in range.


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